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Plastic Syringe Inspection System
Plastic Syringe Inspection System  


  • Inspects a syringe that hangs from two belts and rotates, several times within the visual field, thereby allowing the entire appearance of the syringe to be inspected.
  • Detects a difference through pattern matching that compares the image of each syringe with a standard image.
  • Allows you to save history of 50 images.
    (FULL images or NG images only)
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This image measuring system has been designed to inspect the entire appearance of a plastic syringe that is rotated when it is conveyed with belts.
Even from a syringe printed with a scale or mark on its surface, the HS-221 can accurately detect a human hair, dirt, or any other foreign matter through sophisticated inspection software. In particular, the inspection is focused on the inside of the gasket with multiple cameras used to inspect the entire appearance of the syringe other than the part hidden by the conveyance belts. Any syringe that has been rejected in this inspection will be automatically dropped into a rejected syringe collection box.

Syringe inspected

Plastic syringe
Size : 1.0ml 2.0ml 2.5ml 5.0ml 10.0ml

Inspection items

Foreign matter Dirt Deformation(Other improper appearance)

Inspection capacity

240 syringe max. per minute

Inspection Accuracy


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