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Inspection System for Blade Edge Line
Inspection System for Blade Edge Line  

This inspection system allows you to accurately detect even chip of 9 microns (at resolution of 9 µm).

  • Chip and convexity are detected in independent two areas.
  • The inspection accuracy is changed relative to the longitudinal position.
  • When any defect is detected, the relevant evaluation item and defect size are displayed.
  • A maximum of 50 latest NG images can be stored for use in adjusting the parameters.
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Inspection System for Blade Edge Line This inspection system is designed to inspect the edge line of a cleaning blade by image processing.
The blade that has been transferred by the straight feed mechanism is imaged to obtain several ten shots, which are then evaluated for chip and convexity separately.

Workpieces inspected


Inspection items

Chip Convexity defect Height defect

Inspection capacity
  • 1.2 second/piece; resolution: 12µm
  • 1.6 seconds/piece; resolution: 9µm
    (when blade length is 238 mm)
Inspection logic

Inspections for chip and convexity are made in separate inspection areas. After the images have been filter-processed, any defect is evaluated based on its height (depth) through shifted calculation and particle measurement.
Our original logic exclusively for this system allows you to detect defects at the same accuracy as the selected resolution.

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