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Surface Defect Inspection Device for OPC Drum
Surface Defect Inspection Device for OPC Drum
  • Wide variety type of inspection such as in-line type that pick up OPC drums automatically from pallet and also type for manual pick up can be provided.
  • This inspection device can be detected every surface defects of very light
    color non-uniformity and can be detected up to micro spot type defects.
  • Any type of coating solution can be used in this device and it is not affected
    by the density difference of both drum edge.
  • Detected defects can be categorized.
  • Applicable to wide range of drum size 20-80mm L244-360mm.
  • High confidence with many creditable achievements.
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CCD Line Sensor camera is used on this device.
It imports the image of circumference of OPC drum that rotates automatically and detects the defects.
If the device is operated by fully automatic specification, accepted drum can be returned to the original pallet and rejected drum is transferred to the pallet for rejected drums.

Applicable Drum for inspection

OPC Drum 20-81mm L244-360mm

Inspection items
  • CGL deletion, CT sagging
  • White spots, Bubbles, Contamination
  • Black spots and Color non-uniformity
Inspection Accuracy
  • Spot type defect :100µm / over
  • Color non-uniformity : Define limit sample based on the provided rejected drum samples
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