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Container Inner Surface Inspection System
Container Inner Surface Inspection System

HU-3100 Image Inspection Application

  • A CCD camera of the system takes images of inner surfaces of containers, such as paper cups, for inspection for black spots or stains.
  • A maximum of eight inspection windows can be set with the desired inspection logic for each of selected window.
  • A detected defect is marked with a rectangular frame; enlarged view of the framed image can also be displayed.
  • Enlarged views of most recently detected defects (up to 12 images) can be displayed on the screen.
  • Laminated portions can be automatically detected, masked and separately processed, which allows accurate inspection of the entire inner surface.
  • Workpiece registration facility of the system allows easy changeover from one type of workpiece to another even when shapes and conditions of workpieces to be inspected vary.
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Inspection example
  Inspection example of Container Inner Surface Inspection System
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