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Chip Parts 6-Side Image Inspection Machine
Chip Parts 6-Side Image Inspection Machine  

High-speed inspection of chip parts

  • The touch panel allows the operator to control the machine simply.
  • By changing some parts on the machine it can be used for 6-sided image inspections.
  • The inspection range can set to specify the corners of a chip in the polygonal window.
  • Inspection data is collected by each camera and statistical processing can be performed on these images. (The most recent 100 pieces of data)
  • The number of chip parts inspected and the statistically processed data can be saved to a floppy disk in CSV format.
  • Displays, like menus and other information, can be changed back and forth between Japanese (Chinese characters) and English on the screen.
  • The inspection software can be customized to support any type of workpieces.
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Designed as an image inspection system using a 2-dimensional CCD camera.
It inspects four or six faces of a chip that has been conveyed from a part feeder.
Our original inspection logic mainly for line measurement makes your inspection more practical.

Workpieces inspected

Chip capacitors, chip resistors, and other similar chip components.
Size : 1005, or larger size

Inspection items
  • External dimensions
    (length and width)
  • Dirt, cracks, chips, etc.
  • The user can add up to 10 settingsfor inspection items.
    *The inspection details can be optionally customized.
    *Color inspection is available as an option.
Inspection capacity

1500 per minute (max.)

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