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Visual Inspection System For Sheets
Visual Inspection System For Sheets


  • This product has been designed to detect dots and stains on a plain sheet that continuously flows, through an image inspection.
  • Even fish eyes on a resin sheet can be detected.
  • The unacceptable location is displayed in a rectangular frame and can be zoomed in.
  • Unacceptable location images can be stored up to 10 pages, allowing you to continue the inspection while keeping unacceptable location images displayed on the screen.
  • Encoder pulse tracking ensures that the sheet can be inspected at constant accuracy even if the speed changes.
  • After one roll of sheet has been finished, the history of detected unacceptable locations is output to the printer and stored as data.
  • The images including any unacceptable location are also stored and can be viewed after the inspection has been finished.
  • The sheet registration capability allows you to inspect different shapes of sheets by easily selecting them.

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