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Multi-functional Image Inspection System
Multi-functional Image Inspection System


  • This product has been designed as a multi-functional image inspection system. It offers different combinations of features, which allow for meeting the inspection requirements for various kinds of workpieces.
  • A variety of convenient features such as rotational position tracking and polygonal windows is available to enable flexible inspection settings.
  • All of our experience and know-how as a specialized manufacturer for image inspection have been incorporated in this product to ensure that fast and accurate inspections can be made.
  • A monochrome two-dimensional camera can be connected as standard. Multiple cameras including one-dimensional cameras, color cameras and high-precision cameras can also be connected optionally.
  • A detected defect can be highlighted with a frame and can also be zoomed in.
  • A number of defect images can be stored in the image log, which allows you to continue the inspection while keeping a defect image displayed on the screen.
  • The Windows operating system ensures easy file management and allows the communication capability to be utilized.
  • The workpiece registration capability allows various kinds of workpieces to be inspected by easily selecting them.
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