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Tray Packing Machine Combined With Front/Back-Surface Inspection System
Tray Packing Machine Combined With Front/Back-Surface Inspection System

Both of front and back surfaces of workpieces placed in trays are inspected and non-defective workpieces are packed in shipping trays.

  • Workpieces placed in the bulk tray are picked up and carried to the index table for image inspection. After inspection of both front and back surfaces of a workpiece is completed, the piece is discharged (if rejected) or placed in the shipping tray (if accepted).
  • Each surface can be inspected more than once under different lighting conditions.
  • Image inspection is conducted while workpieces are out of the tray, which ensures that any defects, even fins, are detected.
  • Conveying of workpieces can be carried out without hanging them from the suction head, which will minimize displacement of the pieces during conveying operation.
  • Hu-Brain-designed inspection software is used in the machine, which allows us to respond to customers’ requests for addition or modification speedily even after the machine is delivered.
  • Conveying members as well as image processing units are manufactured at Hu-Brain factory, which allows us to offer flexible responses to customers' requests.
  • High speed inspection, up to three pieces per second, is possible.
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